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We specialize in Home Health, Medical Staffing and Wellness Services throughout the State of Ohio.

Our commitment to quality is what makes FirstChoice your key to exceptional home health care.

FirstChoice is an Ohio-based company specializing in home health care and private duty services. Established in 1998, FirstChoice has earned an outstanding reputation by committing to core values that ensure integrity, customer service, and quality care.

We offer a comprehensive range of services to manage Diabetes, Heart and Lung Disease, Strokes, Kidney Disease, Wound Care, and other chronic or newly diagnosed conditions. We also offer specialty programs for treating Behavioral and Mental health conditions, Alzheimer’s or other forms of Dementia in homebound adults with Medicare, Medicaid, Private Insurance, Passport, Options, or Waiver eligibility.

So, whether you are seeking the services of a highly-trained Nurse, or a Physical, Occupational, or Speech therapist, Social Worker, or a Certified Home Health Aide, FirstChoice can help you determine whatever qualified assistance you may require. Rest assure, all of our staff are licensed, bonded, and undergo a thorough background check and drug-screening to ensure your safety and security.


Our Promise.

The mission of First Choice is to provide the highest quality home health care and supplemental staffing services available. To respond to the constant changes in the industry, First Choice will further develop cost effective business practices and design innovative strategies that will apply improved technologies and result in increased efficiencies.

In every interaction, First Choice will be respectful of all clients and staff members, extending both professional and common courtesy, regardless of the circumstances.

We want to be your FIRST choice.

For 20+ years, FirstChoice has been owned and operated by a dedicated group of experienced, Ohio-based professionals. We understand the well-documented benefits of allowing and empowering patients to recover at home, in the comfort of a familiar environment. We also know the complex and difficult issues interwoven into making those decisions. FirstChoice is the solution to dependable, caring and skilled quality home health care and a committed partner in the healthcare process.

Why Choose Us


Our Caregivers

We believe that our caregivers are the most important aspect of our service.  That is why we only look for people who possess a genuine enthusiasm for helping others.  Additionally, all of our field staff are licensed, bonded, insured, and underdo a background check and drug screening to ensure your safety and security.


Our Specialty Care Programs

We are particularly proud of our specialty care programs like our premier Journey Program.  This highly skilled multi-disciplinary team delivers comprehensive short-term intermittent home care to home-bound adults with behavioral and mental health diagnoses.


Our Experience

For 20+ years, FirstChoice has specialized in home health care and private duty services. Since 1998, we have earned an outstanding reputation by committing to core values that ensure integrity, customer service, and quality care.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do I know it's time for home care?

Naturally, making the right decision for the care of a loved one is an important decision. In home care is often a viable solution, but this process begins with a careful evaluation of the patient’s unique and specific needs.

Home care generally falls into two categories: Skilled care and custodial care. Skilled care is medical care provided by nurses, therapists (physical, occupational, and/or speech), and/or social services ordered by a physician. Skilled care is typically paid for by Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance, or private pay. Custodial care, on the other hand, is care provided by home health aides to assist with activities of daily living, such as bathing, dressing, and light cleaning. Custodial care is typically paid for through private pay or community waiver programs. FirstChoice can help you verify your benefits and coordinate coverage and billing options.

Home care might be an appropriate solution if your loved one is experiencing:

  • A new or chronic illness
  • Hospitalization or surgery and requiring recovery and healing
  • Anxiety, fear or other feelings that come with illness
  • A new health care diagnosis requiring a change in daily lifestyle

FirstChoice can help you decide if home care is right for you and your loved one. FirstChoice always makes family involvement and input a top priority. We want you to feel comfortable with the recommended services and feel confident that all of your loved one’s needs are being met.

Contact a local FirstChoice office in your area to see if FirstChoice is the right choice.  To view your nearest location click here.

What is Behavorial Health?

In October 2009, FirstChoice launched it’s new Behavioral Health program, called Journey.

Through the Journey Program, FirstChoice provides Behavioral/Mental Health home care services to home bound adults. Services are provided by a multidisciplinary team that provides comprehensive short-term intermittent home health services. The team is made up of Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurses, Social Workers, Physical, Speech and Occupational Therapists and Home Health Aides who can meet the holistic needs of the patient


  • Transition client from acute levels of care to home and community
  • Increase medication and treatment compliance
  • Improved functional ability
  • Prevent expensive in-patient hospitalization
  • Decrease emergency services utilization
  • Improve knowledge about medications, illness, coping, staying well and community resources
  • Decrease symptoms
  • Increase patient’s quality of life and overall health management

Do you think you or a family member might benefit from the Journey Program?

  • Are you anxious?
  • Do you feel that your life is empty?
  • Do you have feelings of panic about life events?
  • Do you have feelings of impending doom?
  • Have you noticed feelings of hopelessness and helplessness?
  • Do you frequently feel like crying?
  • Are life changes getting you upset and overwhelmed?
  • Has there been a marked change in your eating or sleep habits?
  • Do you think you might be depressed?
  • Are you forgetful?
  • Are you concerned you might have dementia or Alzheimers?

For more information on the Journey Program, please call a Clinical Manager at the office nearest you. To find your nearest location Click Here.

FirstChoice Home Health is a proud member of the National Alliance of Mental Illness (NAMI) and the Alzheimer’s AssociationFirstChoice Home Health was also a proud sponsor of the 2010 Memory Walk.

What do you offer for Alzheimer's or Dementia patients?

FirstChoice Home Health now offers an alternative for families to consider for their loved ones with Alzheimer’s or other related Dementia’s.

FirstChoice Home Health, through our Journey Behavioral Health program, is proud to announce a new and innovative approach to Alzheimer’s and other related Dementia care. Our program, “Becoming an Alzheimer’s Whisperer,” enables the caregiver to calm fears and understand more about the loved one that is cuaght up in this terrible disease. This national program was developed by Dr. Verna Benner Carson, APRN/PMH and has been recognized by the American Psychiatric Nurses Association as “Best Practices in Dementia Care.”

All staff members of FirstChoice are extensively trained by C & V Senior Care Specialists, Inc. in the “Becoming an Alzheimer’s Whisperer” program.

Accepting New Patients

Servicing locations all throughout Ohio, arranging care with FirstChoice is convenient and stress free. We work closely with you and your physician, as well as determine and coordinate your eligibility for home care services, verify your benefits, and manage all necessary services.

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